A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Development of the project has been canceled due to the lack of a player base. You can still play and create and find rooms though. Thanks to all that supported me during the making of this game :)

Play against your friends or with them in this competitive FPS, you have all the weapons available, just by killing enemies you'll cycle them like in a Gun Game mode, maps will change when a player has got to the last weapon, will you be the best player? You will also have several matchmaking options like creating rooms or joining chosen rooms.

The game is a mix of Gun Master, Deatmach, BR and some other concepts and gamemodes. 

For practising and mastering the controls check out Stormbringer: https://delthor-games.itch.io/stormbringer-alpha

You can join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/Sv6aQCv to find people to play with or just give me feedback, as well as get notified of updates and find all kinds of interesting game dev stuff


WinBuild13.zip 80 MB
MacBuild13.zip 99 MB
WinBuild14-Experimental.zip 74 MB

Development log