Game made for Blackthornprod Game Jam #2 - Mini planets.

Little retro platformer with four main levels situated in different planets where you will have to fight and avoid hazards. The first levels are actually harder than the following ones, so you will be rewarded if you don't give up. There are no checkpoints so if you die you'll have to restart the level.

Any feedback is appreciated and I would love it if you send me your final score or a speedrun video. Thanks for playing! (And don't forget to rate the game)

I used the same music by Kevin Montes - that I used for The Trials of Ildrarth, hope he doesn't mind.

You can also download the version below and unzip it to be able to play offline but the web version works fine as well.


Downloadable version 20 MB


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I can just agree with the others :) the shooting is fun and I really liked the idea with the different gravity levels. It also was a good idea to give the game a little story and also name the planets (which reminded me of star fox/metroid actually. Great!). 
But I also must agree with the commenter below who points to the misleading guiding coin in the second stage :( that was mean.
Btw the music fits the game quite well and gives a fitting vibe, but the loop is a little short in my opinion


This game was great with a variety of levels and difficulties.


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I finished it :D It was very fun ! Some hitboxes on the tilemaps are a tiny bit buggy I found (on level 3 I think, the one with rocks/vines)

Very good job


Thanks for your feedback!

I also wanted to note about the game's SFX, particularly the gun, being kinda limp and muted, making the whole experience less fun and engaging, but I hesitated to say that as I didn't want to come across as mean, and I didn't want to do a whole write-up explaining game feel in SFX, how it impacts the game, and how to change it, however I do think you'd really benefit from this classic 5 minute video that can explain it for me: 

Right now the gunplay sounds and feels like that of Random Heroes, but with just a bit of tuning it could be so much more. This is all meant from a place of positive critical feedback, though I'm mildly autistic and I tend to come off as kind of a jerk over-text. I'm sorry about that if that's the case now.

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate your honesty!


Great game! i had a good time with it and thought the art and animation are beautiful. I like how the coins guide in most cases, but here are a couple places i thought were a bit because of the little spike dude down at the bottom right and the coin that is there it looks like you have to jump all the way over there, but there is a platform next to the dinosaur (idk ok) i would suggest putting some more coins guiding the player to make it a bit more obvious. now this was kinda the worst bit because the coin makes it look like you have to jump there. But the coin is actually right above a spike. This felt pretty cheap when i jumped and landed on the spike. (it actually was kinda funny, but i still think you should remove it and add other guiding coins)

all and all good game though! The movement feels responsive and quick, and the artstyle is really nice.


Thanks a lot for your feedback, I'll have all of that in mind! :

Very nice of you to do all that work into collecting screenshots for feedback! ^-^
Cool to see people do that.



i see the character has a gun... but how do i use it?

never mind im just blind (;


Very nice visuals and music.

The gameplay was kinda frustrating though. The hitboxes on the spikes and enemies feel really unforgiving, and the level design was also very unforgiving. Felt like the game didn't want me to play or explore it. I'd really like to see what comes later, see the map, see if any mechanics change. The planet text with gravity implies to me that there are other planets with different gravities or other different properties, but the gameplay is too frustrating and not super engaging, so I can't really bring myself to progress. Sorry :/

I'm sure with playtesting and tweaking you could make something very special out of this, and again the art + music is really quite excellent, but I can't get through this one. Not my cup of tea unfortunately.


Thanks for your feedback, I'm sorry to hear you couldn't go past the first level. I will definitely tweak the difficulty of the game later

No worries, bud 👍