A downloadable amazing asset pack

In development FREE Low Poly Weapons Pack - Modern guns. Download high-quality gun models with animatable parts for any of your projects, completely free to download and use in your games. More guns will be added over time. Currently included:

You can find a free high quality AK12 model with PBR textures if you join my Discord server too, as well as getting to know many other developers and participating in jams and other fun stuff. 

I also encourage you to texture some of the guns and modify them with attachments, feel free to use these in any way. Some texturing work can be seen below and here:

Some games that use these guns:



Feel free to drop a comment with a link to your project if you used them!

Install instructions

Just download any of the files and you're ready to use them! And make sure you check out the different parts within each model that can be moved, swapped or deleted! You can also take a moment to check out my new free game project: https://delthor-games.itch.io/yabs!  Join my Discord server here!


AK47.fbx 97 kB
G36C.fbx 124 kB
M16.fbx 163 kB
MP5.fbx 98 kB
SCAR-H.fbx 166 kB
M1911.fbx 85 kB
DesertEagle.fbx 50 kB
P90.fbx 123 kB
SteyrAUG_M1.fbx 6 MB
VectorSMG.fbx 3 MB


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Can I use this for a promotion game?

Sure. And make sure you post a link here to the game so everyone can see.

I really like the looks of this and im trying to download the models but it fails every time I try. Any help?

I don't know what could be wrong, but I think it's a problem on your side. Maybe try another browser.

I was using the itch.io application for windows PC

I don't know then. Make sure you have enough storage space

lol I think 6 terabytes is more than enough lol

I do really appriciate the help though. I'll keep trying different things though

Sorry I can't be of more help. I honestly have no idea why it doesn't work for you

Quão legal. Se você quiser acompanhar o desenvolvimento, você pode vê-lo aqui no jogo de soco = https://gamejolt.com/games/BadBlocks/429043

Embora seja em Português, mas eu posso traduzir para Inglês também


Great! I understand Portuguese, I'm Spanish. I'll keep an eye on your game

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Hello Delthor I would like to use your weapons for a paid project, would you let?

And I would put your name on the credits of course


Sure mate! And don't hesitate to send me some picks or a link when you release it. Good luck!




I Really liked it, I wanted to test it but I am using godot, could you export  using DAE, GLTF or OBJ or even if it's was made with blender the source file?


Noice!! x3