Press space to jump and shoot. 

This is a free game made I made for the UDC game jam - the theme was ONE BUTTON - and I am very happy because it is the first jam I  in which I took part.

I really enjoy doing games and I hope you enjoy playing it. 

Any idea about the game you have please comment.

Press space and have fun.

StatusIn development
AuthorDelthor Games
Made withUnity

Development log


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Interesting idea, I like it. Although I was confused the first try and thought I was supposed to avoid the grey boxes as well. xD

Cool, I like the Sound fx and the Gameplay. the bad thing is the art has to much Bloom. And that isn't so nice for the eyes. Still good game.

Thank you for your comment! I know the art is bad, but I did not have time to do much more. The SFX are mainly make with my mic - hitting a metallic box of mentos with scissors is the enemy hit :)


nice game, but it feels so uncomfortable having the character be all the way to the left of the screen.

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I know. I think it is an error because of the html view. I tried to fix it but I can't

Thank you for your feedback