When your world was taken over by the robots, bad stuff happened but overall, you lost our internet connection. In order to recover the WiFi, you'll have to avoid many dangers until you get to the Remote, and then use it to make your way back home.

This is an unfinished platformer for WGJ83- Remote Control, I didn't almost have time for polishing so the ui and souns are very rough. The great streamer Joshua McLean provided me with a main music theme. Any feedback is appreciated although I probably won't develop the game any further.

StatusOn hold
AuthorDelthor Games
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Retro


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Quite Good, The graphics are great but here is no challenge as I don' think you are able to die. I tried to kill myself in the game for 5 minutes and didn't die. Perhaps adding health and a death system might've added a bit of challenge.

Sure, it was a jam game and I didn't have time to complete it but thanks for your feedback anyways :)

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Really nice game! A bit short but the concept is very good! Eventually you could sell it if you put more content in it :-)

I hope you work on it even though the jam is over! :D

Amazing art, and it is fun to get revenge on the robots with the tv remote.