A downloadable asset pack

Free to use low poly pack of sci-fi like corridors ready to use inside of Unity. Fbx are also included so it might work in other engines but I haven't tried. This pack is useful for quick level prototyping and it is easy to modifiy. Includes:

  • Normal corridor
  • Corridor end
  • T-shaped corridor
  • L-shaped corridor (change scale to -1 to turn left instead)
  • 4 exits corridor

This is an interior pack, it does not look nice from the outside.

Install instructions

Just unzip the file after you download it and you'll be ready to use it in any of your projects


EnvironmentPack.zip 213 kB


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Hi, are the textures included? Because when I load it in unity or blender models are completely gray without any color like in first image. How do I make it look like second image?

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. Textures are not included because I didn't make any. The 2nd image is just a result of environment reflections. 

This looks cool! do you have a blend file? It's fine if you don't

No I think I deleted it 2 days ago sorry

No problem. ;)  I joined your game jam, are there any parameters? Or a theme? 

Yeah you can check them out in the jam description