This is our entry for the  Weekly Game Jam 74, being the theme Hack 'N' Slash. This game was made by DelthorGames (me) , Matt Patrick Walsh ( and MerMirakle (

The game is a Hack 'N' Slash and a beat 'em up at the same time.

Use mushrooms to craft potions. Different potions have different effects. Wind and health potions also require a different type of mushroom. Use Q and E to swap potions. Your character will auto craft when you shoot and auto attack when close to enemies. Survive as long as you can. Press any key.

Development log


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rip. Another black screen for me ): Congrats on submitting this though!

Ha ha thanks I don't know why you get that try to run it in another browser

Hi,  I really like the graphics, and the mechanics are good too, but i think there is too many enemies from the beginning, or their move-speed is too fast.

Great project, you could do something interesting with this!