A downloadable Stormbringer for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Months ago I decided I'd start my first 3D big project. I didn't know what to do exactly but then I played Ravenfield and I thought: 'You know? If this guy can do that with Unity, so do I'. This doesn't mean that I'm gonna copy Ravenfield. My idea is to make an FPS kind of Metal Gear-like where you have to kill many enemies to get to an objective.

But my main target is not to sell the game or to make a low-poly copy of Metal Gear. My target is to make a game I can enjoy myself, only for fun.  And if some other people enjoy it as well, that's even better. I think I'll spend a lot of time on this game because I started days ago and it was really fun. I'd also like to make it really community friendly, so if you have any idea you want to see added or just have some feedback, you can join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/Sv6aQCv and tell me and you'll also be able to download previous versions of the game.

By the way I'm not gonna make it multiplayer sorry.

The controls are more or less the same that any shooter has. You can reload the scene by pressing Q and go back to the menu with P.

Stay tuned!

Install instructions

You can join my Discord here: https://discord.gg/Sv6aQCv. Any feedback is appreciated. To play just unzip the folder and search for Stormbringer :)


Version0.0.8(Windows) - Discord guns.zip 34 MB
Version0.0.8(Mac) - Discord guns.zip 37 MB
Version0.0.5.1 Linux.zip 37 MB

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man thats crazy, I dijkl;f


ur welcome

Extremely nice game again! There are some bugs but because it is an alpha version it doesn't matter! I'm excited about further versions and I hope you have much fun making the game!


Thanks mate!

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It worked thanks! I probably wont be able to join but that's fine. I have a big game that hopefully will be coming out soon, so keep your eyes out for it! ;)

Sounds good! What genre?

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It's an FPS but with a little story :) Kinda like Metroid but 3D. Its made in blender, I have unity but don't know how to use it that well XD

Also, Ive been looking around, and I can't find the island map. Do you have to unlock it? 

No I just forgot to iclude it in the build :) It'll be available today with two new weapons. The FPS sounds cool!

Sounds great. thanks! I found a few bugs btw. While playing I noticed that enemy will fall through the ground often, and it seems to mostly be the ones without guns that have that glitch. Also on the menu screen when you select different guns I noticed that certain ones leave a shadow on seemingly random places on the wall (screenshots of the ones I found are below).  I found also that the ZIS carbine can continually shoot without reloading, the animation will play but you can keep on firing. The last thing I found is that in the gun selection area, there is a white box to the right of the gun (screenshot below). I don't know if these bugs are only on the Mac version because I don't play on a windows computer.   As a amateur game developer, I know how annoying bugs and errors are. I really hope these ones aren't to bad. Good luck!! :D

(above) Here are some weapons that leave those shadows. The M70-VI shadow is hiding behind the "S" In stormbringer. You can also see the white box, and an image of a enemy stuck in the ground.

Thanks a lot for pointing out those bugs, I believe the white box thingy is because of the Mac version and I don't get the ZIS to shoot forever but the others are something I'll have to look at

Hope the Mac bugs solve automatically in the next build I make

Is there a Mac download for the latest version? I cant find one.

Sorry I forgot. It's up now. Btw if you join my server you'll see a screenshot of the cool gun that I just modelled for tomorrow's update. And you'll also get the chance to get your ideas into the game!

This game is EPIC! I really enjoy it!! keep up the amazing work! :D

Thanks dude! I'm gonna publish another update in about five minutes with a new map and the progression system working, so stay tuned!

really fun demo! I love the low poly artstyle and the different guns. Looks like you spent a lot of time working on this (: . Couple things to note: the sniper rifle is kinda over powered, i used it twice and just abused it. The hitscan weapons on the enemies weapons are really hard to dodge, maybe tone down the damage or something. The pistol is too under powered from my experience, and I couldn't find a way to get back health, idk if your going to add that or not. Over all nice game!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It really means a lot. I actually spent only about five days on it but working full time. I'll definitely tweak some of the stats of the enemies and weapons as soon as I get back from Sweden this Saturday,  and I'd love to get some feedback from you again

(; have a nice vacation!

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Hey! I just uploaded a new version with a lot of interesting stuff, feel free to check it out :)

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Where are the linux builds? You marked all of the download files as Windows, linux  and Mac but they are windows-only builds.

You need to make separate downloads for each platform.

Yeah you're both right, I forgot to import the Mac and Linux modules for this update. I'll upload a complete version asap

Hi! I just added a Linux version so that you can check it out. Can't wait to get feedback from you! I also added a new gun that's really fun to use ;)

idk how to run the file...

Download the folder, right click and hit extract, then open it and look for an exe file. Can't wait to hear your feedback :)

what if i have mac...

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I think it's the same. Jut google it to find out idk

rip it needs to be .app. Well gl on the game anyway!

I just uploaded a Mac build. Sorry about the other ones you were right they're only for Windows